Asia-Finland Law Consulting Ltd. provides legal services related to trade and investments between Vietnam and Finland. Our team consists of experienced Finnish business lawyer and two Vietnamese experts in legislation regarding FDI and taxation in Vietnam. Thanks to our small operating expenses, our fees are not comparable to large law firms, which makes us a suitable law adviser for Finnish SMEs with limited financial resources to expand business in Vietnam.

We are a trustful partner for your firm in legal matters with our top-level government networking in the field of foreign investments in Vietnam. When starting a business in Vietnam, it is important to make sure that all relevant legal matters have been taken into account in advance in order to avoid unexpected problems at later stage. Since company establishment and obtaining a business license in Vietnam is not as straightforward and simple process as in Finland, it is important to choose experienced and trustful legal counsel to bring the establishment process through in order to avoid unnecessarily pending license applications later and postponing the start of business. Vietnam is a temptating and extremely potential market for many Finnish SMEs where choosing the right partners for entering the market and doing business is crucial for success. We do not only provide legal services but also help in matchmaking and finding right local partners when possible (depending on business sector and type of project).

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Asia-Finland Law Consulting Ltd.

Mr. Jani Kaulo
CEO, Licensed Attorney
Email: kaulo@asiafinland.com
Mobile: +358 500 290378
Skype: jani.kaulo


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